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Sunny days call for a summer salad. Why not try our Soffle twist on the classic Panzanella?


1 x Soffle's Pitta Chips (60g)

5 x Good quality tomatoes

2 x Shallots

2 x Garlic Cloves

1 x Bunch of Basil

50ml of Olive Oil

30ml Red Wine Vinegar

Salt & Pepper


Toss your pitta chips in a bowl with your red wine vinegar, sit to one side and allow to infuse.

Chop your tomatoes into bite size chunks, chip your shallots into thin circles & dice your garlic as finely as you can.

Add all your veggies together into a mixing bowl and drizle your olive oil over and toss with salt & pepper to taste.

Tear your basil into small fragrant chunks and toss into your veggies.

Finally add your infused pitta chip croutons and toss till well mixed.

Plate up into your desired bowl and enjoy! x


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