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The Soffle Story


A few years previous Sophie (Soffle) remembered hearing from a friend about oven roasting pitta so whilst in the local grocery shops of Stoke Newington, Hackney, she purchased the pitta, the chillies and the garlic and made her first batch of extremely WILD pitta chips.


This combination together with olive oil, salt and pepper just so happened to be the perfect ingredients for a tasty beer snack of oven roasted pitta chips.

Round at the Soffle residence there has always been a lot of dinner club going on for pals. It turns out that Soffle's guests like something to munch on pretty much as soon as they walk in the door.

soffle story 1.tiff

It came as a complete surprise but at this point life started to take the shape of one big pitta chip. A shed

was turned into a pitta heaven and a mini pitta production line was created. Now it was time to become a pitta pusher.

Peddaling the streets of London the chips hit the pubs to be close to their best friend BEER! Since then they have made many new friends hummus, cheese, soup, tzatziki...

and now can be found all over, go find them! Made with

100% natural ingredients they are tasting as good as ever! 


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