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Broad Bean and Avocado DIP. The start of the Allotment 2024 series is here! 🌷☀️🍃🌱🍅🥬🌽

Warning you may find yourself signing up for a plot in your local area at some point through the series

In our first feature we harvest our Broad Beans. They were first in the ground back in November and after much excitement the flowers have grown into juicy bean pods and freshly picked this week. Just one crop from these plants so next year we shall be planting many more as so delish and great to have veg ready so early in the season. Broad beans make the freshest DIP and we love fresh DIPS. We also added avocado and what made it the best alongside the beans? The fresh Mint and Fennel.

Boil a handful of Beans for 3 mins De-shell into a bowl

Add half an Avocado

1 Garlic clove

2 Tablespoons of Sour Cream

Salt + Pepper

A Olive Oil glug


Add your fav Pitta Chips into a bowl and TOP with additional seasoning, extra Olive Oil then sprinkle with fresh Mint and Fennel herbs.


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