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Cannellini Dip With Herb Oil Infusion

Upgrade your snacking game with this Cannellini dip. Drizzled with a lemon, chilli, garlic and herb infused oil. YUM. The oil infusion really is the star of the show. Inspired by Ottolenghi's FLAVOUR this dip is a perfect match for our crunchy pitta chips. Super easy to make and sure to wow your dinner party guests!


300g White beans

1/2 Onion

5 Garlic cloves

1 Lemon

200ml Olive oil

2 Fresh chilli's (green or red)

Fresh Rosemary & Thyme

1tsp Bicarbonate of soda


Soak you beans for 8 hours/overnight with the bicarbonate of soda.

Rinse and then add your soaked beans into a pot of water alongside chopped onions and bring to the boil. The reduce to a medium heat for approx 45mins or until the beans have softened.

Whilst the beans are cooking add the garlic, chilli, herbs and lemon peel into some oil, on a very low heat let these infuse for approx 30 mins. Being careful not to burn the ingredients.

Once the beans are cooked set a side a fist full in a small bowl and top with 2 tbsp of the infused oil, a squeeze of a lemon juice and salt and pepper, set aside this will be used for garnish.

Add the beans, garlic, a healthy squeeze of lemon, 5tbs of infused oil and salt and pepper into the blender and blend for approx 30 seconds or until a thick mashed potato like consistency is achieved.

Spread the bean mash onto a plate or bowl, and top with the whole beans you set aside before, herbs, chilli and garlic from the oil infusion.

Finally drizzle with the remainder of your oil infusion and sprinkle with some red pepper flakes. Enjoy! x


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